Reflecting the Light

Did you ever notice that we live in a world of exceptions, exemptions, fine print and retractions? How often do you hear yourself or someone else saying, "I really want to do this or I was going to do that, BUT..." So much inner and outer chatter make it nearly impossible to stay a true course. Now well into a few weeks of bouncing back from Corona, we evaluate our renewed attempts at losing weight, budgeting, or praying and meditating more conscientiously? Somehow another Zoom took the place of the AM workout and we are still exhausted and things are still the same. The tiny quiet but is barely noticeable, especially when we mutter it under our breath. This tiny refrain and the garbled logic that follows, keeps us captive to our ego drives and the short-lived desires of our flesh. We become so firmly entrenched in the world our true purpose and our serenity escape us.

What would happen if just when we felt that uncomfortable feeling, that sense of dread at either refraining or learning some other tech-inspired team-collaboration program, we sought eternal light through prayer and meditation. Just a quick breath, a quick moment, maybe a quick prayer from childhood or a mantra from meditation class. Then we set the tone no matter what we face.

Think about how much time and energy we spend deciphering between the qualities of one product and another, sourcing news outlets and charity operations? Who do we believe? The salesman angling for a commission, the marketing experts who make a living by making everything sound sensational or the engineers who design according to planned obsolescence. Gone are the days when you could simply ride into town on horseback to the general store, order supplies (although you can still order in Bulk through the Seventh Day Adventist Church, without the waste of the packaging at large retail chains). In a world where distortion, fabrication and hyperbole are commonplace, I find myself clinging closer to eternal light and wisdom. I literally have never felt that I have wasted time spending a moment with God.

What a blessing it is to be able to access eternal light at any moment. Divine word often penetrates the confusion of this world with very clear guidance if we choose to listen. The more I become still, the more I savor my present, the more my heart and soul become flooded with divine light. I hear that, "I am Loved. I am not alone. I can get back on track in this very breath. I know I can experience Eternal Peace in this present with God."

If it is so easy to step out of the world with God, why do we step out of the world exponentially more with fear, want, desire, expectation? The Peace of God is Truth. The erosion of Truth that surrounds us barrages us all day. We have access to Eternal peace by closing our eyes, taking a deep breath, and a prayer. The question becomes how much the world crowds peace out of your life but how much do you crowd your life with peace.

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