Happy Treasures

Happy Treasures

In these times of strife, I have been practicing a daily piece of Hope. I call it my daily Happy Treasure. No matter what is happening in the world, my family or my job, I can always find a Happy Treasure! Sure, I do my meditation and my devotion, my yoga or my dog walk, but this morning, I surprised myself.

It was when I was at a friend’s house overnight that I stumbled upon this most effective cognitive tool. My friend has a habit of watching the news albeit at a low tone in the morning, after yoga and juicing, I settled in on the couch to see for myself what they were watching. My eyes (I am certain, that the universe and God had prepared thus for me just as He had, “laid a table before me in the presence of my enemies...”) landed upon such a touching and beautifully humane story. At this point you are thinking, I know we are cringing against bad news but au contraire ma soeur.

I live in Alabama and the news story was a local one. It covered the protestations of a very white, marginalized, country people against the blatant racism of their elected officials. These were tattooed men that could easily been cast as white supreme it’s in any Hollywood film. They were calling out for justice and my heart became flush with joy. This moment was my happy treasure for the day, that I procured from of all things, the morning news....This tool has the capacity to infuse my day with hope when my reserves would at some point undoubtedly be flagging.

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